Breakthrough Art 








About Judy Ross 

Breakthrough Art begins with my own personal journey. Up until 1998 my art was simply my favorite thing to do. To sell a painting was always nice but I gave as many away. It was the expression itself I enjoyed.

Then I was introduced to the concept of prophetic art.I had operated in the prophetic gift for 30 years. To couple that with art was astounding to me.Most of the paintings here were done during times of worship at different conferences and meetings I was in and often invited to for the purpose of painting, teaching and ministry.

Prophetic painting is expressing through paint and canvas what God is revealing by the Holy Spirit to me.

There is the act of worship while painting inspirational art and prophetic art. They are both valid expressions, but prophetic art has a unique message and impact.

I hope you enjoy the journey through the next few pages and I pray that you will find my art annointed and be blessed by them.