Carl and Patricia Garitson -  June 14th @ 10:00 AM

Solid Rock Church and its 5-fold ministry team, was planted by apostolic mandate in Sedona to bring clarified truth to a community that had been notorious for false new age beliefs. The portals of heaven have been unlocked in high praise and worship by all its members making the city glad!


Pastors Carl and Patricia Garitson teach the un-compromised Word of God with signs following. They co-labor with an Elijah-style breakthrough anointing, pressing into the call to bring revival, restoration and reformation to the body of Christ through the Word of God, the Power of Holy Spirit, and worship.


You will find the preaching and worship style of Carl powerful yet full of joy. He flows mightily in the prophetic gifts of words of knowledge, healings, and miracles bringing freedom to captives. He has been dubbed “chain breaker,” breaking chains of oppression and bondage.   Pastor Carl has ministered internationally in Peru, Chile, Philippines and Japan, as well as many US cities.


 Patricia Garitson is a prophetic teacher who brings fresh revelation to uncover the “current word of the Lord” being declared to the church from the secret place of His Presence.  Called to the ministry in 1983, she began her spiritual walk at Youth with a Mission, completing her outreach into Japan. She was Director of the Healing Rooms Ministry of Sedona, to fulfill the mandate to “go into all the world” and bring healing to the Nations.  She has initiated and organized several city-wide evangelistic and prophetic events and festivals in Sedona, travelled internationally, established the Sedona International School of Ministry, and moves powerfully as a seer to the Body of Christ.  Her mandate is spread the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom especially as it pertains to obtaining new covenant promises.


Carl and Patricia Garitson

Solid Rock Church and International Ministries

Sedona, Arizona