Jesus' Prayer Ministry

Encouraging inmates by sharing God's Love, Forgiveness and Hope.

What JPM does:


  • JPM (Jesus' Prayer Ministry) encourages inmates through personal letter writing and phone calls, sending birthday and Christmas cards, newsletters and Gospel tracts.

  • JPM contacts family members and finds pro-bono lawyers for inmates  

  • We research placement options for newly released inmates.

  • Upon release of inmates JPM offers mentoring, support and rides to and from church.

JPM Testimonials:


"Thank you Denise, for being there for me for the last 5 years. Always praying and giving me hope and confidence of who I am and receiving my collect calls" - Mario


"Thank you sister Denise for being there for me 10 years while being in prison. You never gave up on me and you loved me for who I am. You encourage me in and out of prison. You still call me once a month. I thank God for you." - Rich


"Passion for the lost, a heart for those imprisoned has been evident in Denise all the years we've known her. The fruit of the call on her life is evident."

- Pastor Judy Ross



How you can be involved:


  • Pray for JPM staff and newly released inmates

  • Donate letter wiritng supplies: stamps, envelopes, stationary and pens

  • Donate toiletries for newly released inmates: i.e. shampoo, men's clothes, Walmart gift cards, Bibles, Christian music CD's

  • Volunteer to mentor inmates and those who have been recently released 

  • JPM is funded by donations.


To make a tax- deductible donation make checks out to C9WC and mail to:

8498 Paseo Igesia

Spring Valley, CA 91977

For more info or to contact JPM click here: JPM