Breakthrough Art Summer/ Fall Schedule

Have you ever wondered why a particular painting, drawing or watercolor has touched you so deeply inside?

Have you been looking to be stretched in your painting technique or hungry to move to “the next level”?

Now is your opportunity to jump into Prophetic Art through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on painting experience under the guiding hands of Judy Ross, accomplished prophetic artist and church pastor.

The comprehensive workshop is in a format that is conducive to maximum “absorption” and hands on experience.

Paint Party

October 6 - 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Bring your own supplies, something you've worked on and are stuck, or start something new. We will all help each other.

Space is limited, need to register even though it is free.

If you attend at the class Saturday you are invited to paint the next day in church.

If you need supplies let me know, there will be a supply fee of $15.

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“Creativity is God’s gift to us. It’s in our DNA to a greater or lesser degree. I like art that is symbolic, full of passion that reaches out with meaning and connects with my spirit. I have three of Judy’s paintings. Two hang in my home and are a constant source of inspiration. The third I’m donating to the church because the imagery is so large and vital it requires a bigger space to be presented. Judy is amazing in the way that she allows the Lord to push through her spirit. She worships as she paints and the results are dramatic and anointed. I am honored to recommend her work”. - Graham Cooke

"I have taken 3 of Judy's classes and loved each one! You leave feeling refreshed and encouraged and mentored in the prophetic! Judy helped me to see that I can paint prophetically too!" - K.F.