Scott and Susan Roberts are missionary evangelists with the Rock of Israel. This is a ministry to the Jewish people.


Living in Southern California the Roberts travel the U.S and Canada encouraging and equipping believers to reach out to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.


Born into a conservative Jewish home, Scott met his Messiah in 1972. His pervading love and zeal for his Messiah did not come without a deep personal struggle. He was raised in a Zionist family. Living a tough guy life, at  age 22, Scott found himself destined for prison, a mental institution and death.  After escaping bullets, drugs and suicide, with nowhere else to turn, Scott yielded his life to Jesus Christ. Finding his Messiah was so powerful that for over forty years he and his wife Susan have dedicated their lives to sharing Jesus with both Jewish and Gentile people.  Susan’s love and devotion for Jesus is realized through her ministry in song. Her gentle spirit comes alive with power and excitement as she sings of her redeemer’s love.


The Roberts were raised in the greater Los Angeles area, where over 800,000 Jewish people reside. It’s estimated over 6.5 million Jewish people live within the borders of the U.S. making the United States the largest concentration of Jewish people in the world.





Scott & Susan Roberts

Sunday August 2 @ 10 AM