Terry Spencer - Operating in the Courtrooms of Heaven!

Saturday August 20  @ 10 AM - 5 PM


Saturday Schedule Details: $10 Registration fee / Register at the door

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Session 1:  Scriptural Guidelines for Operating in the Courtrooms of Heaven.

Session 2:  Engaging Your Legal Team and Seven Spirits of God.

Session 3:  Preparing and Presenting Your Case

Operating in the Courtrooms of Heaven:

is a revolutionary technology from Heaven that has been reserved for such a time as this to unlock unanswered prayer.  Have you been an intercessor and/or prayed and prayed with little to no results?  Any lack of Heaven manifesting is a legal issue!  You will learn the legal processes of Heaven, your place in it, and how to remove the satans legal right to steal, kill and destroy, and get your prayers answered, many times immediately.

Dutch Sheets has said, "This is the missing key!"  C. Peter Wagner says, "I am convinced that this revelation is truly a game-changer for those of us intent on advancing God's kingdom.






About Terry:
Revolution Glory Ministries is a ministry established by the Lord and Terry Spencer.  Our core values are to have an encounter with God, experience heaven on earth, and to be transformed in His glory. In each event we will provide you with cutting edge prophetic ministry and training where you will be equipped in the wisdom and revelation of the glory realm so that you become an end time partner with God, a company of manifest sons, born for such a time as this, to release heaven on earth with powerful demonstrations of miracles, signs, wonders. 


Terry is a glory revolutionist who has a radical level of intimacy with Jesus. He wants to see God's kingdom, power and glory established on earth as it is in heaven.  Terry's burning desire is to see His people, cities, states, and nations ignited and transformed by the power and glory of God.  Terry flows in the glory realm with a strong prophetic anointing that releases the tangible Glory of God when he ministers. He also activates and equips believers to operate as legislative manifest son's in the Courtrooms of Heaven in order to more effectively remove the enemy's legal rights that he has gained so we can fulfill our mandate to deliver creation from the bondage of corruption.   

Terry is an ordained minister with Dennis and Lynnie Walker of Dunamis Apostolic Resource Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Prior to his ordination he was a licensed minister with Christian International Apostolic Network in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida under Dr. Bill Hamon.