Below are testimonies, stories and seers reports that people have recently experienced. Be encouraged! 





5/21/14 "My wife reports that her back is straight again!!!! The swelling in her left leg – knee to foot  (which has been problematic for a long time and very painful) is gone!!!  She was rejoicing this morning about her leg/foot this morning."

5/20/14 "During worship I heard ABBA Father, singing over us.."More, more, more, I love you."  As we worshipped, more of Him filled us and more of us for Him reached His Heart, back and forth, More, more, more....Harmony. 

Wayne prayed over me and I was suddenly healed. But I didn't noticed it until I walked out. I didn't ask for prayer for healing. I am thankful that Wayne heard the Lord and prayed as he did for Gods' healing.

My knee had been feeling tight/stiff and Wayne asked if I knew what the problem was; I didn't, he said I had a pinch nerve in my back.  I am Healed! Praise God!"  

4/20/14 "Yesterday I kept seeing flashes of light all around high above cloud 9, battle. I also saw a sword cut through California separating it from all other states." 

4/13/14 "During worship before we shouted I saw God blowing kisses, God throwing kisses and God waving kisses to us - C9 and San Diego! Great love and His Glory! I saw there was applause in heaven from heavenly beings and God was on the throne smiling. I saw open heavens and there was no boundary between us!"

4/13/14 "During pre-service prayer I saw a beautiful robe unfolded covering everything as it moved. In worship I saw a very big angel just standing up front facing towards us. All through worship he stood there and as the music ending he slowly raised his arms out straight to the sides, and his wings spread covering us and I felt he had released something."

4/9/13 "In IHOP today we witnessed a powerful cleansing in the atmosphere. It took us by surprise! It has to do with the increase of His government in this region. The Lord also spoke to us that the doors that He shuts are as impotant as the ones that He opens. That He is asking us to look again at the doors and see them each with a new perspective. He cautioned us not to judge when a door closes for someone."

3/23/14 "During worship I saw myself in a river and there was  gold in the river.  I started to scoop up barrels of gold. Each time I did that I said, "thank you Daddy for the ranches, thank you Daddy for full houses that we don't need to build and full barns, and everything we need for the ranches all the way down to a fork, spoon, and even pepper and salt shakers, cars, trucks, vans, and lives being saved! I just thanked Daddy God for everything that He will do.  It was awesome! "

3/23/14 "I saw a vision of a wide plain reaching from horizon to horizon with scrub brush, grasses, brushes and an occassional small tree; a warm dry day with few clouds or shade. In the middle of the plain a tall rectangular tower sprang up.  At the top just below the the top rampart an eye looked out from each wall and a voice said 'Watchtower'. Micah 7:1 -7. My spirit 'rang' and 'sang' while reading it. I beleive this is the scripture He intended with this vision. "

3/23/14 "Today during worship, as we were singing about the river, angels started coming in the front door, at the front of the church with buckets of water and came across the front and poured out their water gently, but quickly on the floor at the feet of those who were worshiping up front. Suddenly as more and more came in; the next group had buckets that looked like they were made out of a large jeweld that had been carved out in the center to hold water like a bucket. They had handles and these angels came swiftly by pouring out more water. The water began to spread to the back of the auditorium. The last angel had a golden bucket and poured out his water which looked like gold; some sort of liquid gold. We were all standing in the river as we worshiped."

3/20/14 - "Last Sunday worship was wonderful! There was an excitiement in the air. I heard the words Activation and Destiny! I felt like the Holy Spirit was activating people in their destinies!" 


3/16/14  "Sunday I saw Angels moving like a dance with left hands on the shoulder of the Angel ahead and right hand a sword moving as though cutting all to the rhythm of the drums. God is Good .. Praise Daddy God!"  

3/16/14  "There was strong presence in the back where several were worshiping with drums. The angels who love to worship and are usually whizzing around near the ceiling, started coming down the right aisle, past the drums, and up the other two aisles and continued up and down the aisles like dancing soldiers to the beat of the drums. Many more joined them as they came in the front door, where the large angel stands."